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The Box

Well… It’s really a bag. Once a week during our 14-16 week season you will receive a large tote bag of our best in-season produce, flowers, recipe ideas and from time to time, a sample gift from another local maker! We value quality over quantity and do our best to ensure every week is bountiful and beautiful. We send out a weekly email with a list of available produce, updates and recipe ideas.

The Pick-up Sitch

Our CSA pick up situation is a little different than a typical CSA. Instead of receiving a box of random produce, every member is given a large tote bag and invited to pack their own produce.

We have found that people tend to be overwhelmed by a weekly box of mystery veg, so we built a little shop in the backyard that we stock with the weekly harvest. Members then come and pack their own produce allowing them to choose what and how much they need for the week. 

The Pick up is typically on Wednesdays from 2-8 pm at The Black Radish in the back of 3849 24th Ave S.  We prefer that you pick up your share, but Delivery is available upon inquiry.

CSA Membership

One-size-fits-all bag of produce provided weekly for roughly 16 weeks, early June to early September. There are 3 payment options based on what you feel you can afford. 

Subsidized- $350
Standard- $600
Sponsor- $800
(The Sponsor level will help support our equity initiatives, and the Subsidized members reflect said sponsorship.)

Our goal is to provide equitable access to membership. Please contact us directly for custom payment options, we're happy to make arrangements based on your needs. We do not require proof of economic need and trust that you will do what is best for you and your community.

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Egg Share

This egg share is one dozen eggs every other week during the 16 week CSA season for $60 (June-Sept). The hens at Chengwatana Farm range on pasture, and are fed a high quality ration consisting of soy-free organic grains and vitamin-mineral supplements. The Omega-3 content of their eggs is enhanced by the addition of organic flax seed and fish meal. The straw bedding in the hen house is used to make compost for the gardens. The water supply is from a pure, artesian well.

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Grow with Us!

Believe in what we're doing and want to show your support?! Want to help a family in Minneapolis get a CSA share?

Become a Farm sponsor! Sponsor a family!

Farm sponsorship offers much needed financial support to The Black Radish and will go towards purchasing farm tools, new plot acquisition and conversion, the development of educational output, a future greenhouse, and Carrie hasn't had new underwear in like 3 years.

Sponsoring a family will pay for a family in need's CSA share for the growing season. The family will be selected by The Black Radish.

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