About The Black Radish

We are an Artist-led Urban farm and CSA in the heart of South Minneapolis dedicated to providing affordable locally grown produce using sustainable and organic farming practices.

Our Story

Carrie Thompson and Jade Townsend started as children growing food with their families and understand the importance of good soil, nutritious food and the community that comes from making that happen. Our idea is not a new idea, we are one model of urban farming. We established ourselves four years ago as a CSA from our home in South Minneapolis. We converted our small, urban yard into a beautiful landscape of "no-dig" garden beds

Our Vision

The Black Radish is a hyperlocal, urban gardening initiative dedicated to providing affordable organic produce for our community and the residents of Minneapolis regardless of income. We grow healthy food, healthy humans and healthy communities. Over the years we have built strong relationships with our neighbors who, in turn, believe in our mission to grow healthy affordable food with whatever unused land we have access to. In this case, front lawns.  By converting ornamental lawns into functioning, productive garden space we are helping to add and preserve green space in the Standish-Ericsson community that provides a place for neighbors to come together, strengthen bonds, and build community cohesion. With research, continued technique improvements and the addition of other front yards, our collective garden beds now provide 50 families (with a sliding scale option) with a weekly, handmade box of fresh organic produce and cut flowers.

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